2010… Catching up with the times

By: Jonathan Mora Sánchez, Director.

Summary: It’s undeniable that commanding another language not only enhances your possibilities to improve your resume but also makes us better citizens, our country depends on tourism, free trade, international investment and customer service… you might either update yourself or get left behind…

Believing and knowing ain’t the same, communicating is what you need to command, no merely informing.

How well do you really develop a conversation? or you just simply answer to a bunch of preconceived questions and statements, because if that’s the case it won’t be like that for too long, times are changing as they’ve always had. Technology, marketing and “society” itself are demanding the highest proficiency you can aspire to.

Nowadays there’s no room for midterm standards, companies are aggressive both recruiting and training personnel, internet is ruled by English, the best textbooks are still in this language as well… music, movies… you name it. Every year, every month it becomes more and more necessary to increase our knowledge, skills and will in order to expand mankind’s horizon.

Answering to basic inquiries does help in regards to interacting but is no enough when you come across to more complex situations, if it requires analysis, meditation and an elaborated reply you can’t expect to get understood while you still wander inside your head searching for the correct word, expression or idea so you can let the other person know about your thoughts.

As long as you haven’t taken the chance to practice, make mistakes and afterwards being corrected by a capable instructor, correcting and improving your grammar (structure), pronunciation and vocabulary, you would find yoursefl kinda a lost, oblivious among those who address themselves naturally in an organic way, just because they do know English fairly better than you do.

I encourage you to put your fear aside, take a deep breath, grab some pen and paper, lots of enthusiasm and a little bit of patience, a couple of ounces of hard-work and a good place to concentrate, apropiate excersises are must… and enjoy the journey…

More than welcome to give us a visit, here at EASY we do care about you, best wishes to all, Merry Chrisstmas, Happy New Year (when will you start learning langagues?) hoping your life to be filled with love, harmony and peace. May God’s will guide our souls… until we see again 2010.


Acerca del autor

EASY es un Centro preocupado por las exigencias de la sociedad actual, utilizando un método único en el mercado, que está rompiendo esquemas en la enseñanza de lenguas. Conoce más tips y estrategias todas las semanas de forma GRATUITA solicitando tu suscripción a nuestro boletín, ingresando a nuestra website


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  1. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.


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