English… it is way more than just an academical achievement.

By: Jonathan Mora Sánchez, Director

Summary: There’s a lot of people concerned about the fact that English is a requirement in business and industry, not to mention an obligation when it comes to terms of studying… but we shouldn’t limit its function merely to these activities… culture, society and even spirituality might become enhanced by the command of it.

At home, school, at work… or in the street, English happens to be the global way of communication after sign language.

Nowadays it is vital to overcome long distances pretty much immediately both in social or labor environments, internet, industry and commerce demands the ability to interact with fluency and clearness and it can’t be accomplished if we don’t admit, whether we like it or not that knowing another language is a must on anybody’s resume.

It starts with the fact that the best books at any subject, either for major degree studies or general know ledge are printed in English, so from the very moment one decides to go to school it is important to understand the relevance of getting the best education we can possibly access to, and it relies on the credibility of your information and the source you got it from.

Once you start as part of “the working force” regardless of your field of expertise you will come across with people from all over the world, mostly depending of what your tasks are related to, but again, the bridge that helps you interact and grow is simple… English.

Last but not least, leisure time… movies, books, music and many more… lyrics, stories and ideas from several artists from every corner of the earth reach us by way of subtitles, or translations which diminish significantly the essence and true nature from the original authors.

As you can see… there are many valid reasons to reconsider the importance and functional applications of learning another language, improving and finally commanding such as if it were part of oneself.


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EASY es un Centro preocupado por las exigencias de la sociedad actual, utilizando un método único en el mercado, que está rompiendo esquemas en la enseñanza de lenguas. Conoce más tips y estrategias todas las semanas de forma GRATUITA solicitando tu suscripción a nuestro boletín, ingresando a nuestra website


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