Bilingual in 8 months… Myth, fraud or reality?

By: Jonathan Mora Sánchez, Director

Summary: There’re many places offering to people the possibility to become fully bilingual starting from scratch, it is so relative and depends on each user as an individual and separate case that it might as well be myth, fraud and truth all at once.

Comprehension, communication and fluency; goals and procedures must be carefully defined.

Knowledge is out of time, there’s no linear way to evaluate the potential of a student in regards to the pace in which he/she could accomplish a determined level, certainly we can establish a chronogram, tasks, practices and evaluations but each person is surrounded by specific circumstances that can either speed up or slower the results.

Myth: Full understanding of another language can’t be achieved in such a short time since we don’t command not even our native tongue, idioms, slangs and a correct deduction based on context are not completely covered in 8 months, first of all we must re-educate ourselves in Spanish.

Fraud: Without a real perspective of customer’s expectations, working in enormous groups, old fashion methods, not qualified tutors and inappropriate guidelines, most of current institutes are far from delivering what they promote with their advertisement.

Reality: Truthfulness and honesty are essential you can improve significantly, you can cover and master all grammar components and pronunciation rules, improve your fluency, comprehension and structures, get familiar to types of English and learn vocabulary composition but becoming bilingual in 8 months…, you can become and excellent intermediate level user… fully bilingual will take the rest of your life.

It takes practice, diligence, good methods, lots of enthusiasm and determination to overcome any obstacle you would come across with, do not be fooled by beautiful commercials, inform yourself instead and look for the best conditions, you can find 8 months is… and is not enough time.


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