Practice makes the master… As simple as that

By: Jonathan Mora Sánchez, Director

Summary: The master/student relationship shouldn’t be understood in regards of whom is higher or lower on a grading scale, the master reaches that title because of the tools, knowledge and practice he has achieved through a constant labor, but the real master wishes his disciple to be way better than him/her…

Is not about how much you know… but how well you command or use it to improve.

People keep complaining about not having enough time to practice, this is truly and inconvenience for those who really need and want to learn another language appropriately, when time is lacking for any reason we must manage to increase the quality and effectiveness of all exercise we use to enhance.

First, turn any single activity into an audiovisual laboratory; carry with you CD booklets, read once and again lyrics while you listen to the song at the same time, get articles and newspapers and read, find a dictionary and entertain yourself, rent subtitled movies and so forth.

Start combining tenses, whenever you strike up a conversation don´t limit it to present tense try to interact asking and answering in situations related to both present and past, you have to force yourself some “english thinking” process in order to become bilingual.

You should realize that it is essential to practice constantly, a lot, and most importantly to have a clear idea of the purpose of the activities you carry on, many are oriented just to improve pronunciation, other for listening skills and some to develop comprehension, discern what type of exercise you require the most.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes that’s the only way you are corrected, the more errors you have the more you are familiarizing with the language, just be patient, responsible and motivated, the rest is a matter of correct guidance and honest hardwork.


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  1. My dear friend I think that we need find more attention in the dedication at English but I believe too the secret is take it as a joy and not as duties or homework what must met the form compulsory. I love the tips of every week.


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