English at last… It’s time to start

By: Jonathan Mora Sánchez, Director

Summary: First of all, My apologies for those who would not understand most of this “article”, sorry for the ones that will partially get what I try to express through these words, and great! for anyone capable of commanding english in a fluent and natural way… welcome to a new world.

Movies, music, literature… or simply interacting with foreigners requires diligence and enthusiasm…

Determination; motivation, but above it all PRACTICE, that is your assignment. You can go to classes and obtain some decent basics about grammar and structure, guidelines about pronunciation and lots of corrections as long as you don’t jump into the water and teach yourself how to swim you won’t be able to master your “fear” and become a real interpreter of the language.

This world is an immense, yet so little pool of vast knowledge and experiences which are the raw material to build up our character, to find ourselves and project some inner light to this troubled spot we love to call home, hard times indeed, but softened quite a bit for the fortunate people that make a living out of translating, tourism or customer service skills.

Only by way of “hardworking”, thru valleys of “doubt” and the hope of becoming a better being we can reach to a place in our heads were english turns to be easy, dynamic, organically… and the importance of having a real approach to several types of accent, of vocabulary and the will to complete the journey are not enough if one wants to develop an advanced level.

It is essential to get familiar with certain rules and expressions, how to create vocabulary is fundamental in order to improve, so that we can interact with all people from any origin, class, career or academical background.

Thankful for the opportunity to provide useful information to all of you interested in english not only as a secondary language but also as a tool to overcome physical boundaries, as well as cultural, social and political limitations are left behind by the fact de becoming a human with extended possibilities.


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